Exquisite jewellery custom made in beautiful Byron Bay
Made from precious stones with healing powers.
Beautiful gifts for a loved one.
Refined taste and expert craftmanship
Imagination and colour
Byron Bay Jewellery by Melody Lemond.

Handmade Bead Necklaces

Made with love and skill our gemstone necklaces appeal to all ages, designed with beautiful colour harmonies to highlight and bring out your unique qualities. They make beautiful gifts for someone you love...


Custom Jewellery

From the green hills and golden beaches of beautiful Byron Bay we bring you custom designed, hand-made gem stone jewellery, necklaces, bracelets and earrings of exquisite colour and harmony ...

Poem Shapes

Visit our Poem Shapes website. Just when you thought everything had been done with words, experience poetry that is sculptured into word shapes. Melody Lemond has published an exquisite

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About the Artist

Melody Lemond is a Byron Bay based poet, writer and jewellery artisan . She has travelled through South America searching for beautiful stones to enhance her original jewellery designs.

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