About Us

Byron Bay Jewellery offers an attractive range of handmade jewellery made from a wide range of quality gemstone beads.


Each piece is unique, made lovingly with stones collected from Mexico, Peru and Australia and, as well as being aesthetically pleasing to the wearer, comprises arrangements of gemstone beads which serve to enhance in ways both physical and metaphysical.

Some of the gemstones used by Byron Bay Jewellery:

  • Amazonite
  • Mookaite
  • Ocean Jasper
  • Tiger Eye,
  • Rainbow Fluorite
  • Fossil Coral
  • Korean Jade
  • Kyanite (blue)
  • White Agate
  • Blue Lace Agate
  • Rose Quartz
  • Moonstone
  • White Moonstone
  • Turquoise
  • New Jade
  • Citrine
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Amethyst
  • Hemimorphite
  • Peridot
  • Garnet
  • Hematite
  • Black Obsidian
  • Rhodochrosite
  • Freshwater Pearl
  • Aquamarine
  • Black Tourmaline
  • Black Onyx
  • Mother of Pearl
  • Unakite
  • Chrysocolla
  • Lava Stone (black/grey)
  • Malachite Prehnite
  • Smokey Quartz
  • Red Agate
  • Carnelian,
  • Banded Agate
  • Labradorite
  • Clear Quartz
  • Rhodonite
  • Cracked Clear Quartz

Many of the large stones are in the form of pendants, each of which serving to inspire the whole design and several are wire-wrapped to enhance the beauty of these stones.

Byron Bay Jewellery, as well as offering its own wide and varied range of necklaces, is also pleased to make to order necklaces and/or earrings with designs, sizes and stone-colours specified by the purchaser.